Tiling is a specialized business, with good reason.  There are a range of potential pitfalls which have to be taken into consideration when starting any tiling job.

For example, the set up has to be worked out so that the grout lines match in as many directions as possible, and that part tiles are placed in a position where they will be least noticeable. 

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Project Management

MCN Property Solutionz are able to manage projects on behalf of our clients. 

We can arrange very competitive quotes for a range of services including building, gibstopping, electrical and plumbing work, gasfitting, painting, wallpapering, waterproofing and, of course, tiling. 

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We’ve all heard horror stories about leaky homes, but leaks can also occur inside the house.  Incorrect preparation prior to laying any type of flooring will lead to problems later.

Most Councils now have a requirement for waterproofing to be carried out prior to tiling (depending on the type of flooring the tiles are being laid on)...

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